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Hiring Requirements

​​​In Georgia, both Federal and State hiring standards for School Nutrition Directors or Manager/Supervisors are based on the student enrollment size of the school system.   
The School Nutrition Division (SND) in Georgia has more rigorous hiring requirements, as compared to federal standards, to ensure school nutrition professionals are highly qualified to manage their programs.  ​

The Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) has two State Board Rules that pertain to the hiring and qualifications of School Nutrition Directors, Manager/Supervisors, and Managers. Highlights of these board rules are listed below.

Georgia Department of Education (State Rules)
  • Defines classified School Nutrition Manager, Manager Trainee, Manager I, Manager II, Manager III, and Manager/Supervisor. 
  • Also defines a School Nutrition Program Director as an individual who holds a school nutrition director service certificate issued by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC).​
  • Defines the minimum enrollment for base-sized school schools and school systems.
  • Provides requirements for employment of a School Nutrition Program Director, School Nutrition Program Director-trainee, Nutrition Manager/Supervisor, and School Nutrition Program Manager.
School Nutrition Director Certification
The links below provide information for obtaining a School Nutrition Director Certificate:
Comparison of State Board Rules to USDA Hiring Requirements


The chart (left) shows a comparison between the federal and state hiring requirements for new School Nutrition Directors. Click the image to view the PDF.

NOTE: The Georgia Department of Education School Nutrition Division staff can give clarification on academic requirements, food service experience, and school nutrition program experience. We will support you with the navigation of the State and Federal regulations in hiring a School Nutrition Director or Manager/Supervisor.