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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Culinary in Schools 

The art and science of culinary techniques are critical for School Nutrition Professionals as they provide healthy, quality meals for students throughout Georgia.  Culinary is a key ingredient as we focus on Professional Development, Quality Meals, and Student & Community Engagement. Strong culinary skills elevate Georgia School Nutrition Professionals.  

School Nutrition Professionals: Here we have gathered some resources for School Nutrition Professionals to utilize in your schools and communities.  
  • Utilize Harvest of the Month tools when preparing featured items 
  • Encourage participation in the Student Chef Competition 
Educators and Students: Resources are available to provide hands-on learning opportunities and culinary applications.  
  • ​Participate in the Student Chef Competition 
  • Utilize Harvest of the Month tools as part of culinary lessons

Culinary Connections

The Culinary Connections are hosted by the GaDOE Culinary Specialists, Chef Michael DuBose, Chef John Huff, and Chef Rachel Petraglia. Culinary Connections cover a range of topics that focus on advancing culinary-driven school nutrition programs. These unique sessions will share best practices for addressing challenges, menu and flavor insights, tools for producing delicious school meals, and trainings to create kitchen efficiencies. You will be able to join the conversation and ask questions directly to our team. We encourage front line staff, school level managers and district leadership to attend.  

Find all available Culinary Connections recordings on the Culinary tab of our Training Catalog.​ For questions, please contact ​GaDOE Culinary Specialist, Chef ​Rachel Petraglia​.