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Engagement Resources

​​​​Food-Based Learning Resources

These food-based learning resources provide opportunities for student and community engagement.

Taste & Talk​

Consider using these fun question prompts to encourage conversations
during school mealtimes. Whether you are eating in the cafeteria,
in the classroom, or at home, these 
prompts encourage conversation
about food and fun. 
Learning doesn’t stop in the classroom,
it continues during mealtime.​
Taste & Talk Cards​ (6 per 8.5x11 page. 5 pages)
Taste & Talk 11x17 Posters (complete set of 30)

Taste & Talk 11 x 17 Individual Posters (Click on each)
Are there any foods that bring back special memories for you?
What is something that you would like to learn how to do?
Describe your favorite food.
What is the most interesting food you have eaten?
Describe your favorite food.
What is your favorite book, movie or show?
Do you prefer spicy or non-spicy foods?
What is your favorite family tradition?
If a guest was coming over for dinner, what would you serve?
What is your favorite fruit and why?
If you could be a breakfast food what would it be and why?
What is your favorite school breakfast food?
If you could create your own cooking show, what would it be about?
What is your favorite school breakfast?
If you could have breakfast with your favorite superhero or character, who would it be?
What is your favorite school meal?
If you could only eat one food for a month, what food would you choose?
What is your favorite thing to do to relax or recharge?
If you were a farmer, what would you grow or raise on your farm?
What is your favorite thing to do? How do you feel when you do this activity?
Name 10 different fruits.
What is your favorite vegetable and why?
Name 5 different vegetables.
What makes you laugh and why?
Name a song with a food in the title or lyrics.
What were you most excited for when you got out of bed today?
What do you usually eat for breakfast?
Why do you think eating breakfast at school is important?
What food​​ or type of food would you like to try?
Would you rather eat inside or outside? Why?​

Fueling Georgia’s Future
​Taste Test Toolkit

Feed My School

Kindergarten - 5th Grade
Spring Garden Activity Sheet
Fueling Georgia's Future Activity Book

6th-8th Grades
Fueling My Healthy Life-Start Smart with Breakfast Around the World:
Multi-media Resources and Lessons
9th-12th Grades
FoodSpan-Teaching the Food System from Farm to Fork Curriculum


Harvest of the Month Speech Bubbles. These can be used as promotional resources such as signs and photo props. Prints on 8.5 x 11 (letter size) paper. ​