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Orientation for Nutrition Employees (O.N.E.)

​​​​What is Orientation for Nutrition Employees (O.N.E)?

This comprehensive training provides 30 credit hours of training for new School Nutrition employees. The training consists of six (6) “modules” which are groups of training materials, activities, and assignments about basic school nutrition topics. The O.N.E. lessons were developed to be taught in sequence from the Introduction to the Wrap Up. Most lessons are 30 minutes, and a few are up to 60 minutes in length. These are recommended times to be spent per lesson. 

This training meets the Georgia State Board of Education Rule (160-5-6-.01: Statewide School Nutrition Program) that requires all new employees to complete within the first full year of employment, training in: program goals and philosophy, human relations and service skills, safe and sanitary food handling, and first aid.

Requesting Access to the Instructor Materials

Access to the instructor materials can be accessed through Microsoft SharePoint folder.
Each lesson is available as a zip folder for districts to download. 

The SN Director will need to request access to the instructor materials, by emailing​.  Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.  

In your message, please include the following: 
a. Name of Instructor (approved by the SN Director)
b. School system/district name 
c. Instructor email