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Toon in Tuesdays

​​​​​​​​​​​Tune In with Toon on Tuesday videos share ways to engage with food-based learning opportunities at home and at school. ​

Watch all episodes of Tune In with Toon Tuesdays

Episode  4: Let's make Salsa!
                  ​Taco'bout A Yummy Salsa! ​RECIPE​​​​​
Episode  7: Blueberry Picnic​
                  Red, White & Blue Parfaits ​ ​RECIPE
Episode 13: Red, White &Blue(berry) Sparklers
                    ​​Red, White & Blue(berry) Sparkler  RECIPE
                    Peach Popsicles  ​RECIPE​
                    Pumpkin Hummus  ​RECIPE
                    HEART-y Hummus  ​RECIPE​​