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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Meal Pattern

​Lunch Meal Patte​rn Chart​​​​​
Breakfast and Lunch Meal Patterns for 3-, 4-, 6-, and 7- day Weeks
Certification Worksheet​


Food Production Record for Lunch (DE121)​​​​​
Number of Lunches Served Daily (DE 0118) Instructions
Number of Lunches Served Daily (DE 0118)​​
Production Record for Non-Reimbursable Foods Instructions​ (DE120)
Production Record for Non-Reimbursable Foods (DE120)

Accommodating Disabilities in the School Meal Program

Healthy Meal Pattern Guidance and Resources

For additional guidance refer to USDA Memos located ​h​ere​​. Previous year memos are in the side column and listed by year. You can use the search feature in the spreadsheet to search by topic. 
​USDA Vegetable Subgroups​
Flavor Chart Seasonings Table
Food Buying Guide​
Exhibit A​
Menu Planner for School Meals​​
Offer vs Serve Guidance for the NSLP & SBP Beginning SY2015-1​6

Meal Pattern Promotions

These are provided as a courtesy. You are REQUIRED to have signage, but you do not have to use these.

​Lunch Signage Offer vs. Serve
Lunch Signage Serve Only