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​​​​​Meal Pattern

5 Day Breakfast and Lunch Meal Pattern
3-7 Day Breakfast and Lunch Meal Pattern

Production Records

Food Production Record for Breakfast & Lunch (DE121) REV Nov2019
Instructions for Food Production Records REV Nov2019
Meal Production Evaluation Tool Instructions
Meal Production Evaluation Tool
Certification Worksheets

Accommodating Disabilities in the School Meal Program

Reasonable modifications to school meals are required to accommodate students with disabilities.  A written medical statement from a State-licensed healthcare professional is required if the modifications cannot be made within the Program meal pattern requirements.  All requests for accommodations must be documented and maintained on file.

Tools and Resources:

Sample Civil Rights Complaint Log
Sample Medical Statement to Request Accommodations for Disabilities in the School Meal Programs
Sample Medical Statement to Request Accommodations for Disabilities in the School Meal Programs – Spanish
Requirements for Accommodating Special Diets Checklist
Special Dietary Needs Flow Chart
SP 26-2017: Accommodating Disabilities in the School Meal Programs: Guidance and Questions and Answers (Q&As)

Healthy Meal Pattern Guidance and Resources

For additional guidance refer to USDA Memos located h​ere​​. Previous year memos are in the side column and listed by year. You can use the search feature in the spreadsheet to search by topic. ​
Flavor Chart Seasonings Table
U​​pdated Offer vs Serve Guidance for the NSLP & SBP Beginning SY2015-1​6
Whole Grain Rich ​​Resource

Meal Pattern Promotions

These are provided as a courtesy. You are REQUIRED to have signage, but you do not have to use these.

Lunch OVS Components Signage FRONT 8.5 x 11 
Lunch Serving Line Component Tray BACK 8.5×11 
Lunch Meal Pattern Chart
USDA NSBP Meal Requirements QA-A2
USDA NSLP Meal Requirements QA-A3
Vegetable Subgroups