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Professional Standards

​​Federal hiring standards for School Nutrition Director or Manager-Supervisor are based on the student enrollment size of the school system.  ​The Georgia Department of Education School Nutrition Program staff can give clarification on academic requirements, food service experience, and school nutrition program experience. We will support you with the navigation of the federal regulations in hiring a School Nutrition Director or Manager-Supervisor.
USDA Guide to Professional Standards for School Nutrition Programs​​​ ​provides thorough guidance for these requirements. Below is the chart format of these requirements for your reference. 

Persons hired in a Local Educational Agency with an enrollment less than 3300 students must complete the five School Nutrition core Training in Depth courses within the first five years of employment.  This does not apply to individuals who are certified by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission as School Nutrition Directors. In addition, Board Rule 160-5-6-.01 STATEWIDE SCHOOL NUTRITION PROGRAM is included for your reference.​​

State Board Rule 


Guide to Professional Standards in School Nutrition Programs​ is an easy-to-use booklet designed to help State agencies, school food authorities, and school nutrition professionals understand and apply the Final Rule on Professional Standards for School Nutrition Programs Personnel.​​

Professional Standards Training Tracker Tool

​A new feature is now available on the Professional Standards Training Tracker Tool (PSTTT).​ Team Nutrition appreciates receiving your feedback on the PSTTT and works to make continuous enhancements to the tool. In response to user requests, Team Nutrition has added a new capability for School Director users.  School Directors now can request additional access to manage and log employee training for multiple districts, including districts in different states. PSTTT users who would like to utilize this new feature may do so by using the Contact Us feature available under the Help tab on the tool. ​

The USDA continuing education requirements for child nutrition program personnel are organized into four Key Areas. 


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