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Georgia School Nutrition

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​School Nutrition in the News!

A Tribute to Dr. Josephine Martin
Georgia Department of Education recently hosted a virtual tribute to Dr. Josephine Martin to celebrate the impact of
Dr. Martin’s work in School Nutrition and to inspire school nutrition professionals across Georgia to continue carrying the torch of Fueling Georgia’s Future.  

Dr. Martin served 40 years with the Georgia Department of Education, beginning as an area consultant in the 1950s, being promoted as the State School Nutrition Director in the 1960s and retiring in 1991 as an Associate Superintendent.

Dr. Martin was a state and national leader in school nutrition and an advocate for children. She helped lay the foundation for local school nutrition excellence.

Georgia Tray of the Week

The Georgia Tray of the Week Campaign is to be a year-long school meal promotional activity that highlights the consistently high quality of school meals served in Georgia schools. Each Tuesday the State Agency will select and share, via social media, five or more photos depicting Georgia school meal trays served in the preceding school week. Social media followers will be asked to select their favorite menu from the shortlisted trays, with the image having the most engagement by each Friday at 8:00am being designated the Georgia Tray of the Week.​​

NEW! K-12 Cross-Utilization Recipes

This resource is designed to be used to help SNP cross-utilize ingredients in their districts.
It should be used as a resource for menu ideas and all recipes need to be verified with the district menu planner for compliance before offering on the menu. 
his resource groups multiple recipes that use similar ingredients. The “Sauce” page includes recipes that can be utilized across multiple recipes found throughout this resource.    

Cross-utilization will:   

​Reduce spoilage and waste 

Simplify inventory 

Reduce necessary storage space 

Streamline staff training 

If you have any questions or have recipes you would like to be added to this resource, you may contact
 Chef Michael DuBose and/or Chef John Huff​

Georgia's K-12 Restart Guidance for School Meals​​​​​

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Our Vision:​​

Be the authority and resource for Georgia school nutrition programs so every child in school has healthy school meal choices every day.

Our Mission:

School Nutrition is a valuable partner in education, pledging to provide coordinated support for outstanding student achievement through our commitment to excellent service in each of these core areas: Quality Meals, Student and Community Engagement, and Professional Development.