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Training Requirements

​​Professional Standards Training Requirements for all School Nutrition Employees

SampleDoc​The second requirement of the USDA Professional Standards Rule mandates annual training is to be completed by all school nutrition personnel based on their job position.  The chart (left) shows the number of training hours per year to be completed based on job positions. It also includes suggested training topics for each position category as well as approved training sources.

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Training Standards
  • Training must be job-specific and intended to help employees perform their duties well.
  • Training must align with at least one of the four USDA key areas: Nutrition (1000), Operations (2000), Administration (3000), or Communications and Marketing (4000). 
  • USDA Professional Standards Learning Objectives​ and Training Topics with learning codes should be used to plan training, based on program and employee needs.  
  • The School Nutrition Association (SNA) has also developed a Professional Standards Training Codes​​ resource that provides coding for other training topics that may not be on the original USDA Professional Standards list.
  • Training may be obtained: in person, online, local meetings, webinars, conferences, etc.
  • Training is measured in hours but may be no less than 15 minutes per training segment.
​Tracking Training 
It is the local district’s responsibility to maintain training documentation for their employees, and it will be checked for compliance during the Administrative Review.  
  • A training tracking system such as the USDA Professional Standards Training Tracking tool (PSTTT) is recommended.  
  • A local tracking method such as a spreadsheet or training log is also acceptable if it includes appropriate documentation (such as agendas with learning codes and attendee sign-in sheets).​