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Culinary Resources

​​​​​​​​​Menu Planning Resource

​​​​​​​​​​We have designed a tool to help assist local School Food Authorities (SFAs) when planning menus. Please click here to view/download​​.

Fruit Portioning Guides

​​​​​​​​​​The Fruit Portioning Guides are references to assist School Nutrition Programs in proper portioning of fresh and canned fruits.

​Culinary Basics: Five Topics School Nutrition Professionals Need to Know  

document thumbnail​We have designed a tool to help local School Food Authorities (SFA’s) when developing trainings as a starting point for new hires and substitutes, or as a refresher for School Nutrition Professionals. Links to videos for each topic have been identified to aid in supplementing system specific trainings. Connection opportunities are noted as potential hands-on learning experiences. Click here to download the PDF.​

Kitchen Volume Measuring Conversions

11x17 (Ledger Size) download

8.5 x 14 (Legal Size) download

8.5 x 11 (Letter Size) download

Flavor Chart​

Click below to download your copy of our reference for seasoning blends!

11x17 (Ledger Size) download

11x14 (Legal Size) download

 8.5x11 (Letter Size) download 

Culinary Instructional Guides

The culinary instructional guides support the use of Harvest of the Month features in school meal programs. Share this resource with school nutrition professionals to assist with the utilization of culinary techniques to prepare and serve local features as part of school meals.






    Sweet Potatoes

Culinary Basics and Techniques

Baking Temps at a Glance 
Fruit Roasting Guide ​​​
Pizza Resource

Vegetable Roasting Guide
Vegetable Steaming Guide​

Video Training

Cleaning and Storage of Knives​​
Knife Skills
Oven Temperatures​
Sharpening Knives​

​​Building Confident Kitchen Teams 

Tasting Experience Activity 
Flavor Activity
Spices and Herbs Grid​ (8.5x14)​​

​FuelCast Episode

​​CLICK HERE for more FuelCast episodes​​​

USDA Produce Safety University Training Videos

Produce Lab Bananas
Produce Lab Broccoli/Cauliflower
Produce Lab Cucumbers
Produce Lab Oranges
Produce Lab Romaine
Produce Lab Strawberries
Produce Lab Tomatoes
Produce Lab Apples​

Industry Resources