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Rockdale County

(l-r) Michele Channel, Peeks Chapel Elementary School Nutrition Manager. Dr. Linette Dodson, State School Nutrition Director, Peggy Lawrence, Rockdale County School Nutrition Director, 
Julie Lubenow, Peeks Chapel Elementary School Nutrition employee.


School Nutrition in the News!

State Director for School Nutrition, Dr. Linette Dodson, visited our Rockdale County School Nutrition team today, as they delivered hot lunches along 43 bus routes to students throughout the County.

In her words:

 “It was wonderful to witness up close the preparation and execution by our team on the ground in Rockdale, led by School Nutrition Director, Peggy Lawrence. They got to work early today preparing and packaging breakfast and lunches for approximately 43% of their estimated 15,800 enrolled students. While our Rockdale County Schools are still in 100% virtual learning mode, it was evident that our School Nutrition Team's resolve to keep our children's nutritional needs met was their top goal. Among the highlights of my day was the opportunity to connect with our students again, seeing their bright eyes and beautiful faces and witnessing the comforting exchanges as they met and greeted with our school nutrition professionals, who were very eager to serve them. Rockdale County School Nutrition served more than 13,000 meals yesterday through its 43 bus delivery routes.​

I want to thank our Team in Rockdale for allowing me to be a part of one of their bus routes today. The commitment, customer service and genuine care of their staff to provide quality school meals is worthy of commendation. School Nutrition meal service continues to be a valuable partner in education and the work of our School Nutrition professionals
is invaluable."