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I Met a Hero Today: Raymond Powell

Hero badgeMonika Griner, our State Agency Area Consultant serving School Nutrition Programs in Southwest Georgia shared this heartwarming encounter from the field. She titled it "I Met a Hero Today", telling the story of the resilience of Georgia School Nutrition Professionals. 

You'll want to read to the end.

"I want you to meet Raymond Powell from #DecaturCountySchoolNutrition.   

Raymond works as the School Nutrition Warehouse Manager for Decatur County School Nutrition, Bainbridge, Ga.  Raymond exhibits an intense pride in his job and surroundings, and I experienced firsthand his precise organizational skills.  He welcomes visitors to the large, new, warehouse facility with an eagerness to share the recent renovation project that is certainly a sense of accomplishment for Decatur County Schools.  Large, open, forklift accessible freezer and cooler units, dry storage, additional dry storage, and the list goes on and on.  Immediately I thought how wonderful it would be for all school systems to have this impressive storage facility, but equally impressive was the man in charge.   

Raymond was raised in Bainbridge, Ga. and his roots run deep there.  He served in the US Navy from 1989-1994.  While serving he was stationed at the Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, FL with HS-9 Sea Griffins.  His service also consisted of time spent stationed at Naval Air Station Cecil Field, FL with VFA-106 Gladiators.  He worked for his country as a jet engine mechanic on the SH-3H Sea King Helicopter and F-18 Hornet Strike Fighter.  He was involved in one Mediterranean deployment and several sea trial detachments.  As I walked throughout the expansive storage area my eye kept catching a glimpse of a beautiful display of military pictures, honors, and our magnificent American Flag as it draped the wall of Raymond’s office.  I couldn’t help myself as I was drawn in that direction and made my way to his office door to admire the touching display.  

That is when I realized that I was standing near a Hero, someone who had protected our freedom, served our country, and who is now helping serve the students in Decatur County.  

“I am proud to have been able to serve my country in the greatest Navy on earth", stated Raymond.  And he takes that same pride with him to work every day as he continues his journey of service by working to ensure that each child in Decatur County is able to enjoy a nutritious meal thanks in part to his logistical planning, product safety, and organized delivery methods.    

I met a hero when I met Raymond Powell…and I am so proud I did!  Raymond is a Bainbridge Bearcat through and through and he seems to like the colors “Orange and Blue”…but I have one last statement to make and Raymond will understand…
Go Dawgs!  God Bless our men and women who serve this great America we call home." ​

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