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Farm to School

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What is Farm to School?
Farm to School is a movement that connects all parts of the food system with all aspects of the school day. It creates an educational opportunity for students to identify where food comes from, learn why it is important, and apply knowledge from all subject areas in an engaging way. It is experienced through eating local foods in the school cafeteria, working with school gardens, and by participating in food-based learning activities that meet established curriculum criteria.

There are no minimum requirements for what it takes to implement a F2S program; no activity is considered too small.  Whether a school is serving local apples in the cafeteria, teaching students to grow a plant in science class; or having a farmer visit the school to talk about their operation, that is a farm to school program. Georgia has a strong Farm to School program that supports communities across our state and plays an important role in Fueling Georgia’s Future.

Some examples of Farm to School implementation in Georgia Schools include:
  • Serving locally grown foods in school meal programs
  • Curriculum connections through incorporating food, agriculture, and nutrition into the curriculum
  • Taste Tests
  • Hands-on learning through school gardening
  • Farm field trips
  • Visits to schools by farmers and related professionals including small business owners, registered dietitians, and culinary professionals
  • Partnerships with Culinary Programs
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SY21-22 Dates to Remember

Feed My School Friday (9/24)
​HOTM Bonus Celebration: Peanuts ​

National Farm to School Month 
Feed My School Friday (10/29)
HOTM Bonus Celebration: Okra

Feed My School Friday (11/19)

Feed My School Friday (1/28)

Georgia Grown Symposium (2/8-2/9)
Feed My School Friday (2/25)
Farm to Table Source Show (2/28)

Feed My School Friday (3/25)
Georgia Agricultural Awareness Week

Feed My School Friday (4/29)
HOTM Bonus Celebration: Chicken 

Feed My School Friday (5/13)
HOTM Bonus Celebration: Vida​​lia Onions​​