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Listed below are all items available for you to promote this month's produce item, including customizable signs for your serving lines, Taste & Talk bookmarks and posters, recipes, food-based learning materials, educational videos, and fun 'speech bubbles' to use when photographing your students to share!

If you have any questions or comments about how to utilize these resources, please contact Dorothy Dupree, Farm to School Specialist.

March is all about ROOT VEGGIES!

Fact Sheet​​
Food-based Learning document​
Serving line graphic
Customizable Local Produce sign
Customizable Georgia Grown sign
Would you rather?
​Taste & Talk​​​​ 11x17 poster
Taste & Talk Cards​​​ ​6 different cards on 8.5 x 11 sheet​​​
CARROT-e speech bubble
Looking RADISHing speech bubble
ROOTing for you speech bubble
Turnip the BEET​ speech bubble

Harvest with Holly Episodes

Root Veggies Part 1​​
Root Veggies Part 2

Recipes (PDF)

Carrot Souffle
Salt & Vinegar Carrot Chips

Toon in Tuesdays Episodes

Rooting for Reading

Culinary Techniques