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I Met a Hero Today: Wanda Taylor

Monika Griner​, our State Agency Area Consultant serving School Nutrition Programs in Southwest Georgia shared this heartwarming encounter from the field. She titled it "I Met a Hero Today", telling the story of the resilience of Georgia School Nutrition Professionals. 

You'll want to read to the end.

"I want you to meet Ms. Wanda Taylor from #TerrellCountySchoolNutrition. 

Ms. Wanda works as a Kitchen Assistant at Terrell County High School. She radiates love for her fellow staff and embraces visitors with kindness, the same kindness she extended to me upon arrival. As I navigated through the kitchen and chatted with staff, they began to share with me bits and pieces about each other…and then came Wanda’s story. 

Wanda is a miracle, a fighter, a COVID survivor. In March 2020, after driving herself to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital in Albany, Ga., Wanda was immediately admitted with COVID-19 and the next 2 ½ months are a blur. She was wheeled away from her husband who was left standing alone with her personal belongings that were gathered quickly from her. 

She does not recall much after that moment, except she called out to God to help her make it through what was headed her way…yet she had no idea how bad things would be. She is thankful she doesn’t remember much about that journey. She experienced kidney failure, respiratory failure, Sepsis, and at times the staff did not offer much hope. All the while facing this alone as family was not allowed in with patients. However, she made it to May and was released into a rehab center in Macon where she spent several weeks. 

She finally gained enough strength to return home…and on January 5, 2021 she returned to work at Terrell County High School. 

Ms. Wanda could have elected to stay home…but when I asked her why she wanted to venture back out and return to work where she would be exposed to many people…her reply, “Cause the Lord ain’t through with me yet and I love what I do.” Ms. Wanda made such an impression on me during my visit that I have shared her story with many others along the way…and everyone agrees, …I did meet a hero when I met Ms. Wanda…and I am so proud I did.

Ms. Wanda’s story was also featured on WALB. Click the link to read her story:”

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