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DC2020 Wraps third successful session: Leadership with Debra Kibbe

​​We've wrapped the third session in our 2020 School Nutrition Directors' Conference 'DC2020 Virtual: Be Excellent!' with yet another captivating presentation from our steady and effective guide, Debra Kibbe, Research Associate at the Georgia Health Policy Center.

With more than 220 Georgia School Nutrition Directors and staff online, Debra set clear objectives for the event which delivered spot-on the promise of its title, 'School Nutrition Leadership Skills: Assess, Analyze, and Apply'. In a sober and focused style, our expert presenter led today's participants to explore complex leadership areas, infusing seamless transitions to virtual breakout rooms that enabled candid and engaging discussions.

The first of two breakout sessions facilitated analytical work on positive leadership attributes among participants, while the second saw the group working through action plans for implementation within a specific timeframe. 

Zoom screenWhile there was a full house online, today's session was made to feel pleasantly personal as Debra called Directors by name, canvassing input on leadership skill areas which were strong or worthy of further development work within the group. “Nobody that I've worked with over the years has had more heart that School Nutrition Professionals" Debra said, as she spoke deftly on leadership traits, including strategic thinking, innovation, professional growth, integrity, and empathy. 

Building on our first two sessions in the DC2020 series, Growth Mindset with Joe Pettit and Fueling Excellence on the Frontlines with Dayle Hayes, the presentation uncovered ways in which leadership development among school nutrition professionals would require deliberate efforts to plan SMART goals that include initiatives to strengthen school nutrition brands.

The final activity on the slate was perhaps the session's chief highlight. School Nutrition Directors and staff participated in a crowdsourcing of their leadership strengths, using a digital word cloud. The results populated in real-time, validating that the Georgia team was determined, motivated, and dedicated to enhancing their leadership skills as they delivered on the mission of Fueling Georgia's Future. 
word cloud

The Final stop in 'DC2020 Virtual: Be Excellent!' takes place at 1:00pm on November 18, with a not-to-be-missed session on Self-Care by Raquel Garzon, President of Revitalize Project. We can't wait to see you again online, until then continue to Be Excellent!