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Cherokee County Celebrates Hero Week

​​In honor of School Nutrition Hero Day on Friday, May 6, Cherokee County School Nutrition Director Tina Farmer organized a district-wide event to celebrate her school nutrition staff’s accomplishments and thank them for all their dedication. To the delight of the students, Farmer and her staff were dressed for the occasion in superhero masks and capes. 

Cherokee County Superintendent Dr. Brian Hightower and School Nutrition State Director Dr. Linette Dodson were on site at Clark Creek Elementary STEM Academy as guest “superhero servers” to join in on the fun. Dr. Dodson served coleslaw and strawberries on the line, while Dr. Hightower proved to be a tremendous supporter of School Nutrition as he encouraged the students to make their plates colorful with fruits and vegetables. 

At Clark Creek, they are on a mission of “Building the Future…One Student at a Time.” A critical part of that mission is making sure each child has access to quality school meals. The school nutrition staff serves approximately 400 breakfasts and 800 lunches to their kindergarten through fifth grade students every day.

Cafeteria Manager Linda Page brings ten years of school nutrition experience to her role and has a clear pride in her staff and the work they do. The positive work culture they have developed at Clark Creek was evident. The staff displayed positive attitudes, excellent training, and great teamwork. The students faces lit up as the cashiers treated them with care and knew each of them by name. 

“This is the best day ever” exclaimed one kindergarten student after seeing her favorite School Nutrition Professionals dressed in their superhero capes and masks. 

The event was not limited to Clark Creek. Schools all over Cherokee County had guest “superhero servers” on site. State Staff Compliance Specialist Sarah Combs served on the line at Ball Ground Elementary School STEM Academy, and State Staff Business Support Analyst Ann Marie Evans was present for the festivities at Carmel Elementary School. The event was a wonderful celebration of the remarkable successes occurring every day in school nutrition.

​​ School Nutrition Hero Day may over, and the capes may have been put away until next year, but the commitment to quality school meals, professional development, and student and community engagement that makes the Clark Creek school nutrition staff true superheroes will be on display all year long and for years to come.​