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EDGE Training

​​​​​​​​​​EDGE is an integrated software solution built for Child Nutrition Departments in K-12 School Districts as well as State Agencies. The Georgia Department of Education School Nutrition Program is currently using EDGE Software, developed by PrimeroEdge.

Login to EDGE at:

If you need to request or have forgotten your Username and/or Password, contact
Veronica Stewart at 404-657-7156

Team Work  Module

EDGE Team Work is a tracking module for school nutrition SFAs to record employee training which complies with the USDA Professional Standards rule. It is the responsibility of the local School Nutrition Director (or designee) to enter their school nutrition managers and staff into EDGE Team Work and record annual training for their employees.

EDGE Team Work Module Instructions​

Team Work FAQs

Food Safety Inspection Module

The Food Safety module has been in use since February 20, 2019. Its main function is to allow districts to enter health inspection scores. From that information, the annual USDA report is produced.

Instructions for Entering Food Safety Inspection Scores

Direct Certification Module

The Direct Certification module was made available in May 2019 and is currently in use by several systems. As of June 2020, some 176 systems have used the product for at least one matching process. Others have used EDGE Direct Certification multiple times.
If you are interested in training or support for Direct Certification, please contact Veronica Stewart

EDGE Direct Certification Instructions

WEBINAR: Part 1: Performing the Student Upload
Webinar 1 Handouts​
WEBINAR Part 2: Performing Manual Matches​
Webinar 2 Handouts​
WEBINAR Part 3:​​ Exporting & Maintaining Documentation​
Webinar 3 Handouts​​

Administrative Review Module

EDGE software was used for 19-20 Administrative Reviews. This was the first cycle to use the new software for Administrative Reviews which also allowed us to fine-tune the product.

AR Webinar with Quiz  Audience: SFA's with SY19-20 Reviews

Verification Module

The EDGE Verification module was used to produce the USDA Verification report due in March each year.

WEBINAR: Standard Counting and Claiming in Combination Districts Part 1
WEBINAR: Standard Counting and Claiming in Combination Districts Part 2
WEBINAR: Districts Who Do Not Process Applications

​Food Distribution

Food Distribution is now in production in EDGE. Systems are using the product to place requests/orders for SY 20-21 and are finding it very easy.

District Specific Training Webinar for Food Distribution
Webinar Handouts

General EDGE Training for Food Distribution


The Contracts module replaces the SAI and SAM functions in SNO. While the Contracts module is in production, we are not scheduled to use it until next school year when the Claims module will also be available. Extensive training is planned for the Contracts and Claims modules together.​

Modules Scheduled for Production​

  • SSO Reviews
  • Claims 
  • Seamless Summer 
  • Financials 
  • Grants 

Please contact Veronica Stewart if you have any questions.